What Makes a Hamburger? REVIEW

When I received What Makes a Hamburger book by Phillis Stacy-Brooks my son said "What is that"  My hubby on the other hand said "Yum how about hamburger for dinner!"

Immediately my son wanted to read the book.  As my hubby cooked hamburgers I sat and read to my son.  With such colorful pictures and easy flow this book was great for my toddler.  He would stop me in the middle of the book and say "Dad you need to put tomatoes and catsup!" and run to him to show him the pictures.  Mind you my son doesn't like tomatoes, but wanted to try it cause the book said they were yummy!

Written by Phillis Stacy-Brooks this book is great for toddlers and early readers.

Look for future What Makes a...books! 

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