A Quick Guide To Travelling With Kids Book Review + Giveaway

A Quick Guide To Travelling With Kids 

By Morgan Carver Richards

Book Review and Giveaway

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I have to meet this woman!  We had to been separated at birth, I just know it!  Witty, funny, sarcastic, did I mention sarcastic?  This is book 2 of her's that I was given to read and review. Funny....stuff? well let's just say she tells it like it is and how a lot of us want to say things.  So here's the thing with this book, if you have kids, this is your book, no, your survival guide on how to best plan for that trip and make it there and back in one piece.  She's done her homework people, paid her dues and lived to tell the tales all without ending up in the big house, club FED ,the slammer!  Which is always a bonus in my book.

So with this book you get twice the info being that Richards was a Flight attendant, she knows her stuff when it comes to airports and flying, so listen up and take notes. Oh and she has the kid part covered too so she has practiced these theories countless times and has done the footwork (well air work?), good thing she wrote this book right? 

What's all covered in the book you ask?  Everything from preparing your home before you leave so you don't come home to that unwanted death warmed over smell, to the most important pre-flight check list, preparing your children for airport security (no you cannot bring your pocket knife Billy) to all the clothing do's and don't you should have on you and in your luggage and everything in between.

One last thing, one very important thing! For the comfort of you and let's say the people within 300 yards of you, please take heed.  Flying with a baby presents it's own let's just say "unique" challenges, the book covers all those and then some with a few personal stories Richards reveals that will have you laughing, shaking your head and maybe even comparing battle notes. Kids gotta love them because well legally their yours!

In Closing some words of wisdom:

My Grandmother always said there are two way to travel in life, first Class and with kids!


Thanks to Morgan Carver Richards (no hyphen : ) for the copy to facilitate this review


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A Quick Guide To Travelling With Kids