Getting My Kids to Talk After School Game FREE Printable #FoodMadeSimple

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When my son gets home from school he is always hungry.  Most of the time he doesn't finish his lunch cause he just wants to talk to his friends and go play at recess.  I have constantly had talks to him about eating everything and fueling his body to continue on with his day.  Still that doesn't work cause he is still hungry when he gets home.  I do remember when I was little my mom would have a quesadilla or a mini pizza ready for me to eat and I would look forward to that on my walk home from school.  Since I was trying something new with him I went with his favorites of Hot Pocket and Mac and Cheese, I had shopped at Walmart the previous week.  

You can find   STOUFFER'S® Mac Cups 2pk and HOT POCKETS® brand sandwiches at your local Walmart under the freezer section.  #FoodMadeSimple    

You can find STOUFFER'S® Mac Cups 2pk and HOT POCKETS® brand sandwiches at your local Walmart under the freezer section.  #FoodMadeSimple


My kids were eager to eat as they watched me prepare their Hot Pocket and Stouffer's Mac and Cheese.  My oldest helped setting the table and that is when I took the game out along with stickers.  They were both intrigued.  As I finished making their meal I asked them to decorate the game to their liking and pick out their game piece.

As we sat and ate our Hot Pockets and Stouffer's Mac and Cheese I explained how the game worked.  They would roll the dice and whatever number it landed on they would move to the space then answer the question on the space.

Some of the questions were:

  • What was your favorite part of the day
  • Did anybody do anything silly/funny
  • Did you get frustrated at anything
  • What do wish for at school

I received so much information out of my son about the school day.  He is usually short with answers with the Yes/No/Okay or I don't know which can be frustrating to me. when I asked about his day.

The best part is that after we were done playing the game he wanted to do it again with me playing with them.  I answered the questions as my memories of school or how my day went and he listened intently.  

We finished with our Hot Pockets and Stouffer's Mac and Cheese and headed outside to play.  My son continued to talk to me about school and his friends and said we should do this every day.  

When my husband got home my son was excited to talk about our day and showed his dad the game in which they both played and learned about each others day.  Another win for mom!

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