An Adventure to Faeryland with A Faery Hunt!

An Adventure to Faeryland with

A Faery Hunt!

 We were invited to attend A Faery Hunt performance this past weekend.

All opinions and experiences are my own.

Have you been yet! To Faeryland that is. What is A Faery Hunt? It's something in my opinion I think younger children should experience at least once, though we have been 3 times and always look forward to going. There are different story lines and Faerys of course all participating in sharing an important message.  It's, how can I explain, a live action, interactive play of sorts that the audience participates in all along the way.  Depending on the venue and story line, you follow the faery folk around and as the story is told while more and more characters are introduced.  Along with the telling of the story there is singing, dancing, and tons of interaction with the Faerys which the children just love .

A Faery Hunt, A Must see for the kids!
Just some of the A  Faery Hunt Cast of Performers

Just some of the A  Faery Hunt Cast of Performers

In General: This activity is great for both boys and girls alike since there are male and female Faerys involved in the story lines. It is a slower, kinder (and sillier at times) experience that we just adore. And if you do plan on attending one of their events, the children I have seen in attendance have loved dressing up for the occasion. 

Autism Pros and Cons:

My daughter and her friend both have autism and yet have their own unique issues. They both loved the event and the party that was held afterwards.

There are no loud noises or scary figures involved and there is no pressure to join any of the activities.

Offered are face painting, singing and dancing with the faerys as well as story time proceeded by a light snack. All this happening under the canopy of the trees, outdoors in the fresh air it makes for a great time always and again with a message.The length of the main story and the party after are perfect and there is plenty of time to get special attention from all the faerys. 

The performers are all wonderful with the children and at the beginning of the venture into Faeryland each child's name is called out which makes them feel special and that there is magic happening! With each visit my daughter has stayed longer and longer enjoying all the activities offered. Again this is a very unique outing, none of which we have seen duplicated. My daughter is 7 and her friend is 9 both high functioning and were thoroughly entertained to the end.

Newly added is the event and storyline being held at the LA Botanical gardens in Arcadia (the arboretum) This event takes you through a guided tour of specific parts of the gardens including special stories and information given at the various stops made along the way by the faery folk. See calendar dates below for show dates and locations.

So dust off those faery wings, tutus and magic wands and visit the fine faery folk of a faery Hunt soon!

I would like to thank the lovely people of A Feary Hunt once again for their gracious invitation to attend.