Autism/Disability Accessibility at Knotts Berry Park

Accommodations offered at the park and our experience with the system at Knotts Berry Farm

So with any amusement park, if the concept of time, crowds or sensory overload is an issue try using the accommodations the park may offer you, at Knotts Berry Farm it is a Ride Boarding Pass that can be acquired.

Start off by visiting the parks information center and requesting a Ride Boarding Pass. There you will be asked what your needs, limitations and concerns are and there is where the determination is made as to what help can be offered.  In our case, the Ride Boarding Pass was explained, issued for the 3 of us in our party and we were off.  No picture, no proof of disability (it is against ADA laws) overall a very simple process.

Knotts Camp Snoopy

Knotts Berry Farm's system works for the most part, only downfall I see is if you are alone (parent with child) you must go to the ride to get a return time.  This can/may be stressful/difficult for child/adult to comprehend that he/she must then leave the ride and then return at a later time. 

Getting a return time helps avoid being in the ride queue where child/adult can become over stimulated by being too close to people or noises.

Another down side, only having the ability to have one return time at a time for a ride, but this is par with other amusement parks.  Planning your visit on off peak days or season will cut your wait times and offer less crowds.

These pros & cons mainly apply to Autism, cognitive issues or over stimulation caused by Autism/ASD

             Front and back of Ride Boarding Pass at Knotts Berry Farm and the Instructions on how to use.

             Front and back of Ride Boarding Pass at Knotts Berry Farm and the Instructions on how to use.

I can say that when we were given a return time/boarding time, we were boarded at that time....No extra waiting.  May not be the case always, but the 2 times we used the Ride Boarding Pass it was.  The R/O's were very friendly and helpful making for our first time using the system a little less stressful, it was also our first visit to the park too.  I did like the fact that we were not placed in an additional line to have to wait more time to ride, this is the case on many rides at the "other" park were the fastpast system is used and adds to the overall board time. With a person on the spectrum and their issue with not understanding the concept of time this to me is a plus here at Knotts Berry Farm!

Overall the accommodations worked with my high functioning autistic girl (who has tons of practice at the "other" big near by amusement park)  there will always be that off day, that favorite ride that is broken down or delayed or the day that EVERYONE just decided to show up, for this we are thankful the park has this system in place to help out.  Now how to keep people honest and not abuse the system and ruin it for those who truly need it.  Sigh