Exploring the Gardens with @b4products + GIVEAWAY!!! #b4Gives

Disclaimer:  I received this product in order to write my story.  All opinions are my own!

B4 Sanitizer 07.jpg

When I was invited to review the b4 products hand sanitizers I was happy to see their convenient package.  As you know we do a lot of exploring and if you have kids they love to touch EVERYTHING!  When it comes to snack time during our outings it is hard picking out snacks that they do not have to touch.  Usually I pack a banana but that is getting old with my kids. 

I planned a trip to the LA Arboretum, of course on the FREE day I decided to pack the b4 products and give it a try.  I let my toddler lead the way through the gardens.  We had such a great time.  He decided where we went and what we did.  Of course I had my moments that I didn't want to stop and pick up the next seed we saw in our path because we just picked up the previous seed behind us.  He loves stuffing things in his pockets from rocks, leaves, to seeds.

As we were exploring the gardens all of the sudden he stopped and said he wanted a snack.  With no bathroom near us I sat him on a bench and pulled out the b4 hand sanitizer.  Squeezed a little bit on his hands and on mine.  We rubbed our hands together and what I liked about the product was that I didn't feel like I needed to wipe my hands on a towel like other hand sanitizers.

Snacks were out and we were enjoying seeing the birds eat as we enjoyed the new hand snacks that I had packed, Veggie Straws.  

I am thrilled with the product not only because of the convenience of use, but because of the feeling it left in my hands.  Added plus are that it is made in the USA and they give 50% of all profits from sales to children-focused causes.

So where can you get b4 Products?  On September 20th b4 products will be available at Staples!  For now you can go to there site and order.