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What's Trending for Back to School?Don Roberto Jewelers knows!

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       Well we made it through yet another summer vacation. I have a love/hate relationship with this time of the year. I'm going to miss the laid back days and doing our own thing, on the other hand my girl so needs to get back into a routine. Our school district requires uniforms so the only way to show a little personal flair is with accessories.  As my daughter has aged and matured, I am more and more open to getting her real jewelry that she can grow with. While shopping for everything she needed for back to school (which really is not so exciting), I wanted to treat my girl with a special gift of jewelry to inspire her for the new year. With so many different places to get jewelry I was drawn to the selection offered at Don Roberto Jewelers. For Price and age appropriateness you just can't go wrong, the only problem I had was choosing from all the beautiful pieces they offer. 

Here are a few of my favorites that are perfect for school aged girls to make their own fashion statement without being too flashy.

Don Roberto Jewelers

I am loving these sunglasses. Not only are they an easy way to accessorize, they offer protection from the sun too. Bonus when function and fashion meet right? I would so borrow these from her, love the color choices. With sunglasses though I need to explain that they should only be used on the playground when needed, and tucked away in their case when not being used. I have a bad habit of scratching mine so I want her to learn to take good care of them from the start.

Don Roberto Jewelers

Simple, unique and classic....Just like my girl. I like how these necklaces will grow with her for years to come. Thinking I need to get one now and stash another for Christmas, so hard to choose between them. Here is another opportunity to teach her proper care for her nicer items like to tuck the charm behind her shirt when out playing. And the nice thing is that these pieces are silver not gold, the first step to finer things once she has learned to care for them.

Don Roberto Jewelers

And my favorite, the Hello Kitty Watch. The MOP face and crystal bezel are so delicate and pretty. This I think is the one I will surprise her with for that special Back to School gift! She is a huge Hello Kitty Fan. Plus her Birthday month is in September. Luck girl right?

Have you seen all the beautiful things offered at Don Roberto Jewelers for back to School? Right now is the perfect time to go shopping!  

Don Roberto Jewelers


Here is a special  25% discount code offered to YOU our reader for any purchase online only! BP25FP (25% off first purchase * Discount is only valid online and must be be entered at checkout when purchasing online. ) They have several locations to visit close by too here in So Cal. I went to the Main Place Mall location, but they have so many locations to choose from. 

  • Main Place Mall  2800 N Main Street Space 2064 Santa Ana CA 92701 (714) 542-5598
  • Santa Ana  120 West 4th Street Santa Ana CA 92701 (714) 558-3366
  • Santa Ana II 1442 S Bristol Street  #1E-F Santa Ana CA 92704 (714) 662-0393
  • Santa Ana III 1619 W 17th Street Santa Ana CA 92706 (714) 834-1884
  • Santa Ana IV 3770 W McFadden  #D CA 92704 (714) 839-1334 Santa Ana
  • Orange Mall 1500 East Village Way. Suite 2176, Orange CA 92865 (714) 602- 3689
  • **Newly remodeled  Bakersfield 2701 Ming Avenue #136 Bakersfield CA 93304 (661) 836-1441


So how do you help your child stand apart from the Back to School crowd? Any ways you help guide your children with the care for their nicer things?