Celebrating the many works of Jay Ward at Paley Center for Media

MrPeabody 00.jpg

This week I was invited to the Paley Center for Media for the unveiling of the Rocky & Bullwinkle Statue which was originally on the Sunset Strip.  There for the unveiling was starting from left 

  • Gary Trousdale, director of Rocky & Bullwinkle short
  • Jay Ward granddaughter 
  • Tiffany Ward, daughter of Jay Ward and president of Bullwinkle Studios
  • Max Charles, voice of Sherman in Mr Peabody & Sherman
  • Rob Minkoff, director of Mr Peabody & Sherman
  • Tom Kenny, voice of Bullwinkle in Rocky & Bullwinkle short
  • Jerry Beck, animator at Jay Ward Production

I had the chance to interview these special guests they were all excited to see the Jay Ward Legacy Exhibit and to see the short of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

The new exhibit is a dream for fans of Jay Ward with artwork and history of his work.

We got a special treat seeing the all new short Rocky & Bullwinkle.  The short is hilarious!  The story is Bullwinkle is tricked into marrying a robot controlled by Boris.  Can Rocky stop this wedding before Bullwinkle is betrothed to a mechanical gal?

The Peabody & Sherman will be released on DVD on October 14th.  The DVD is full of extras:

  • Rocky & Bullwinkle & Friends Show - see the premier episode from 1959
  • Mr Peabody & Sherman Segments - watch five segments from the original series
  • Time Travel Memory Match Game
  • The WABAC Jigsaw Puzzle Game