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Being on vacation you enjoy your time with the family sleeping in, watching movies, eating out, and taking a swim at the pool.  For Spring Break a couple of years ago we went out of town and were having a great time.  The week was so relaxing and we were enjoying the evenings at the pool winding down from the day.  My son loves to swim and with our waterproof camera I loved taking pictures under the water.  We were into our third night at the hotel when he woke up in the middle of the night complaining of his ear.  I am a worry wart and the first thought I had was he had swimmer's ear.  I blamed myself for having him under the water taking all those pictures.  My husband is calmer than I and just reassured me that he was fine.  

Well luckily he was fine and we didn't need to see the doctor, but I thought about what if we needed to go.  I am glad that Erik Douglas and Amy Sheng came up with CellScope.  Their mission is to provide people with a more convenient and efficient way to manage health conditions.  From skin conditions (bug bites, moles, rashes, etc.), eye conditions (pink eye, eye infection, etc.) to other common causes for doctor visits all in digital.   

Their products are definitely something I would pack with me on trips and use on a regular basis, even at home.  You know you have had those nights were the kids wake up sick and you are hoping it is not that bad that you don't have to go to Urgent Care.  Nothing worse than taking your sick child out of the house to wait a long time to be seen by a physician and then nothing is wrong.

CellScope Ear

CellScope first product is the Oto HOME IPhone Attachment, compatible with IPhone 5/5s/6 only, where you as a parent can take a video of your child's eardrum and send it to an on-call physician through Oto CONNECT for diagnosis and receive a prescription, if necessary.  

Imagine being on vacation and your child wakes you up in the middle of the night complaining about their ear.  You don't know if they have an ear infection or swimmer's ear.  You have Oto Home with you.  You take a video, send it to the physician, and get results within 2 hours.  Just imagine not having to leave the hotel and look for the nearest Urgent Care that your insurance will take and sit there and wait to be seen.  The physician through Oto Connect gives you a prescription?  Easy you just go to the nearest 24 hour pharmacy and pick it up.   

Currently Oto Home is available to purchase in California and CellScope is looking into building a device agnostic version.

CellScope Ear Coupon

CellScope Ear Coupon

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