See Choo Choo Soul- Disney Jr in So Cal

Choo Choo Soul
VIP Treatment from Choo Choo Soul girl herself!

VIP Treatment from Choo Choo Soul girl herself!

We had the chance to see Disney Jr.'s  Choo choo Soul live last weekend for the first time at the Haugh Performing arts Center. 
On top of that we were treated to a visit backstage to meet Genevieve and hang out before the show! 

We got the full tour and had a blast taking pictures and talking with not only Genevieve but DC and their talented assistant Liam that introduced the start of the show.
If you haven't been to one of Choo Choo Souls live shows you are truly missing out. With 10 years of performing for Disney, she has a ton of material. FYI: Genevieve recently released her first solo CD "Do You Know?" (Which is super fun CD for kids while teaching them important lessons) she is one talented lady! 

Their show is jam packed with energy, tons of dancing and includes trips by the duo into the audience. The "pit" area for the kids gets them right up to the stage to sing and dance along if they want.
If you are lucky enough to have a show coming to your town, I would say catch that train! Choo Choo Soul is such positive model  for children today and I just loved the mix of Classic Disney songs along with the new material bridging the age gaps.


Autism Pros and Cons:
With people on the spectrum loud sounds/music can be an issue. With this I have found though that the stimulation of dancing and singing over ride the processing of the sounds and somehow it all works itself out for my girl. If loud music is an issue for your child I would recommend headphones to help if needed. 
The "pit" area that was set up for the performance was very large so there was no real issue for crowding and becoming overwhelmed, but it may be an issue for some.
The show lasts approximately an hour so it is a perfect length  of time with no breaks in the show, keeping everyone's attention to the end.