DIY Kindergarden Reading Box Craft

My son is now on his 4th week of Kindergarden!  How time flies!  I am trying to encourage him to read and he seems to give up and say "I don't know how" So I thought of way to keep him motivated and show him the progress he has done.  Along with keeping him excited about learning to read and sounding out letters. 

This is what you will need:

First let your child decorate however he/she wants.  This is their box and they should do as they want with it.  This gave my son a sense of ownership that I wanted him to feel.  

Next have him/her read books.  You can read them or they can and tell them before they start that as soon as they have a word that they know how to read to tell you.  Write the word on the index card and add it to the box.  I directed my son to give me 2 to 3 words per book.  Then as we added to the box he was excited to read the words to me and count how many he had.  

He was eager to read more and more books to add to his collection.  He challenged himself my adding words like mystery and cheese.  When Dad got home he wanted to test Dad on his reading knowledge and counted how many cards he had in his collection.