DIY Mummy Party Favors for Halloween

DIY Mummy Party Favors for Halloween

 Looking for a unique DIY party favor to use at your child's school or party this Halloween? I made these cute little mummies last year after attending an event on the set of the Home and Family Show. One of the shows talents is Tanya Memme who gave our group a step by step on how to make them. I thought they were just adorable and was excited to be able to recreate them for my daughters Halloween Party at school.

Mummy Party Favor for Halloween

Below are all the things you will need which I was able to buy at my local Dollar Tree and how to assemble them.

Mummy Party Favors for halloween

List of What you will need:

  • Toilet Paper, 2 ply works best

  • Wiggly Eyes

  • Excelsior

  • Hot Gule Stick/Hot Glue Gun

  • Plastic Cups/Tumblers

Gather all your supplies

  1. Begin at the top by gluing the toilet paper to secure it and the start wrapping the Toilets paper around the cup dabbing glue along the way to secure the paper.

  2. Once at the bottom secure with another dab of hot glue.

  3. Spread open a small gap to expose the cup under the toilet paper and add your wiggly eyes, add extra dab of glue if necessary.

  4. Fill with the excelsior and your favorite Halloween treats or party favors. I used white but you can use any color desired.


Mummy Party Favors for Halloween

Are they just not the cutest Mummies you've  ever seen? I was able to make these up in no time and were a hit with my girls classmates. I finished them off by filling them with candies and Halloween favors. What do you do for your kids Halloween parties?