Do you know the way to Faeryland? A Faery Hunt Recap + Giveaway

Do you know the way to Faeryland?

A Faery Hunt Recap and Giveaway!

We were provided passage into faeryland to facilitate this post, all opinions are my own.

They say only children know the way to faeryland and when they grow up they forget the path.  Well the fine folks of A Faery Hunt guide both the young and the old to the magical and fanciful place call Faeryland with a little help by Auntie Angelica.  Have you been?

A Faery Hunt

So what is a Faery Hunt you may be asking. Well it's a live interactive show with a variety of performers from faerys and mermaids to trolls and pirates, lending interest to both boys and girls alike. The story begins with Auntie Angelica, our guide to faeryland. She introduces us to faeryland and shows the children to more and more of the characters all along the way singing, dancing and telling a story of meaning and kindness. Each stop the faerys walk and talk among the children leading the way to the next point in their journey. I just love seeing the looks on the children's eyes while they are intently listing to the faerys.

With a plot that every child can enjoy A Faery Hunt offers different story lines at several southern california locations just about every weekend. They offer shows and at certain locations a full blown party afterwards too! The stories combined with the party events are by far our favorite. There is so much one on one time you can get with all the faery folk along with food, games, story time and face painting. 

A Faery Hunt 1.png

I have found that even the most timid or shy of children enjoy the show even if from a far which is just fine since there is no push to be involved but endless opportunities to be if desired. And with almost all of the events held outdoors its a great way to get you and your kids out into the fresh air and unplug for a few hours.

A Faery Hunt.png

Faerys, pirates and mermaids oh my! Oh and there is a show with cowboys too! This is a very unique experience that I think all kids should experience at least once (we have attended 4 times now, my girl just can't get enough) The recommended ages are 2-10 which I agree with, but 3-7 I feel is the perfect age range, all depending on the child of course.

Autism Pros/Cons:

  • No loud sounds or scary characters Very kid friendly.
  • Slow paced, participate at your own comfort level.
  • Great for imagination and small group play along at parties.
  • Great performers/Interaction with the kids.
  • Face painting for sensory fixes offered at the parties

My high functioning Autistic daughter only had a very minor issue the very first time we attended one of these events...she tired and we left the party before it ended. I feel it was just so much excitement that she was not used to. We always stay to the end of each performance now including the time during the parties. Constant exposure to new things I always feel is beneficial for ASD kiddos.

I want to thank the fine faery folk once again for having me and my daughter, she never tires of it (nor do I) 

Below you will find all the scheduled dates and performances for the next few months. And if you are looking to have a birthday party at one of their shows (YES they do that) it's a great and special way to celebrate. Give them a call or send them an email to find out more info.

"Auntie Angelica has given up 4 tickets (up to a $60 value) or 2 tickets to the double event -- the Fairy show and Fairy Birthday Party.  These tickets are good for any show with the exception of the botanical garden locations."

Good Luck and see you in faeryland soon!