Exploring Life in Korea @PretendCity New Exhibit- Heart and Seoul

Newly opened exhibit

Heart and Seoul: Growing up in Korea

is now open at Pretend City

We were invited to preview the new exhibit during their media preview, all opinions are my own.

"Anyoung haseyo" that's how you pronounce Hello in Korean. The  new exhibit at Pretend City runs now through September 7th . Get a glimpse into  Korea's culture and history while learning several things that make their daily lives unique within the museums interactive exhibit. 

Pretend City Heart and Seoul (1).png

Pretend City is the first stop of this exhibits eight city tour within the next four years. You will find everything within the space interactive and hands on just as the main section of the museum is. We learned how to write Hangul, using Korean characters and read about typical schools where English is taught starting in the 3rd grade. Musical instruments are also showcased and they have Janggu drums to play, which are the most widely used ones in Korea.

Get a peek into daily living in a Traditional korean "Hanok" or house and a modern style home as well with all the modern conveniences.

Cultural fact: Shoes are removed as a show of respect when entering a house. Koreans sit and sleep on the floors of their homes and it is seen as disrespectful not to remove your shoes for they carry dirt into the home.

Pretend City Heart and Seoul.png

Besides learning basic manners in the home, you can learn  some of the cultural etiquette used at the dinner table. Who eats first? Should you poor your own drink? When can you leave the table? Koreans take their table etiquette very seriously and manners and respect carry over to this part of their lives as demonstrated by the rules they follow.

Besides learning traditional manners and cultural expectations you can also learn about their pop culture and the martial arts Taekwondo by following along with a virtual instructor. Like more electronic interaction, make your own digital drawings or a stop- motion movie. This exhibit has something for both boys and girls.

Pretend City Heart and Seoul (2).png

There are info plaques in every room of the exhibit with cool facts. Like did you know there are no elevators with a 4th floor. The word four sounds too much like the word death in Chinese and is considered  bad luck, kinda like our superstition of a 13th floor.

Autism Pros/Cons: Exhibit Area

  • One Issue I observed first hand is the noise level that can come off the Korean drums within the exhibit. For children with Auditory sensitivity  this can be an issue.
  • The rest of the exhibit is very hands on/interactive/user friendly and should not create  any major concerns, except for maybe getting you child to leave ;)


For more information on the museum, hours and tickets, click on the link below.

We would like to thank Pretend City for inviting us to attend this special exhibit .