Knott's Spooky Farm Halloween Lawn Decor DIY

We love Knott's this time of the year and it's THE best time to get your 2016 Season Passes by the way. Knott's Berry Farm has stepped it up once again transforming areas of the park into Knott's Spooky Farm weekends now thru then end of the month of October. This along with the new Peanuts movie that is to be released this November had me super excited to revamp our Halloween yard theme this year.Here's a few things that you can do to your yard or porch using the same steps I did. I spent around $80.00 and it covers a good portion of the yard where we greet the Trick Or Treaters. My theme the Peanuts Gang Classic: It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! 

Knotts Spooky Farm DIYjpg

I got all the supplies I needed at the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby (the entire Halloween section is 40% off right now) 

Top: Example of Dollar Tree Things you Can Use. Bottom: My drawings for Lawn Cut Outs.

Top: Example of Dollar Tree Things you Can Use. Bottom: My drawings for Lawn Cut Outs.

The supplies for the Banner were:

  • 1 orange and 1 black vinyl table cloth(54" x 108"),
  • 4- assorted fall leave bunches, 
  • 2-small faux pumpkins,
  • 2-Black Birds and a tinsel pumpkin.
  • Any assortment of things can be used to create the yard "banner" 

I picked up foam core as well to create the characters on. All the items above were purchased at the Dollar Tree and at a buck each, my cost to make the banner was $13.00 roughly.

Knotts Spooky Farm

To create the Yard Banner, here's what you will need to do:

  • I used some PVC and a wood rod I had for the frame. You can use 1" x 2" wood, Plastic piping (PVC) or or a combo like I did. If you don't have anything on hand you can easily get them at a local hardware store.
  • Step One: I secured the pipe and wood rod together using duck tape (it's not going to show) Leaving around 12"-16" at the top to brace the center piece of choice. (mine was the pumpkin)
  • Step Two: You can hot glue or staple the vinyl table cloths to the crossing rod gathering up to fill in the width (which on mine was aprox. 3') I folded back around 16" to create a front flap and to shorten the over all length.
  • Step Three: Take the black table cloth and gather it up and attach atop the Orange one to create a center stripe, flapping over enough to cover pipe on top.
  • Step Four: Layer your artificial foliage along the top of the rod, adding a center piece and what ever else you like. I used hot glue, a staple gun would work really well also.


Knott's Spooky Farm

As for the cut out Peanuts characters, I bought acrylic paint, used foam core and after drawing them on the foam core, painted and cut the figures out using an exact o knife. Using another small wood dowel I taped it to the back to creating a stake to secure them into the ground. I gathered up the rest of the items I purchased from Hobby Lobby (hay bails and fall leave garlands) arranged everything in front of the banner and added my pumpkins. The nice thing about Peanuts characters is that they are easy to draw and there are so many Halloween themed ones to choose from.So what do you think, turned out cute right? What kid friendly characters do you like to use for Halloween decorating in your home?For Knott's Spooky Farm Info click the link below.