Growing and Learning with SoFabU on the Road - LA #SFUontheRoad

I am so excited to go to SoFab on the Road here in my neighborhood!  I have been part of Social Fabric for just under a year and I have learned a lot just in their webinars that they have and I so excited to go to class!

SoFabU will be in Los Angeles on January 30th at Speed Zone, City of Industry.

Speaker Alea Milham ( is the key speaker and will be leading a HANDS-ON training on "How to Strategically use SEO and Social Media to Increase Traffic and Income"

Jumping for joy to hear that my favorite Johnny Rockets is the LAhost and national lunch sponsor!!!  I know what I am having!

Other sponsors are Muller which is the national breakfast sponsor and iBlog Magazine is the national media sponsor.

These are two of my favorite posts that I have done with Social Fabric.  They have taught me so much and I can't wait to see how my blog will grow after the class.