Enjoy your stay at Family Friendly Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel #HofsasHouse #CarmelByTheSea #SoCal2Carmel

Disclaimer:  We were invited to stay at Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel.  All opinions are my own.

Whenever I told anyone that I was going on a trip to Carmel they had this look of joy on their face as they were reminiscing the time they traveled to this small town next to the shore.  Oh they talked about the wine, the shops, the food, and the perfect little town that they have fallen in love with.  Most of the people I talked to prior to the visit said they visited with their significant other and how romantic the town was.  So I wondered is this a right place for our family?  I was happy to discover that the Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel is a family friendly hotel.  Ready to take this trip with me?  Let's go!

The drive took a little over 5 hours for us with two kids who did a great job in the travel.  When we arrived at the Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel we were greeted with a warm reception.  They asked how our travel was and asked what are plans were.  Prior to leaving of course I did a huge search on what to do in Carmel and made a list of what I thought we should do.  Talked to the hostess and she was filling me up with information.  She then said "Why don't you rest and tomorrow morning let's get together and I can help you out".  I was so thankful for the help. 

We went to the room and I was really pleased by the HUGE room we had.  It had a bedroom with a King Size Bed and bathroom.  The front room had two twin beds, fireplace, a kitchenette with fridge, microwave, sink, and dishes to use.   

The room came with a balcony that had a view of the ocean.  The kids loved this!  I loved....

The wine and cheese that was screaming my name.  Look I didn't wait to positioned them perfectly for a good picture I just started opening and uncorking and pouring!  Perfect way to get me to unwind after the trip.

That evening we went to Beach House Restaurant.  Which is 6 miles from the Hofsas House and if you want to take a scenic route you can take the 17 mile drive from Hofsas to Beach House Restaurant.  Just look at the food!  Meatloaf wrapped in BACON!  Need I say more?  With an ocean view the kids will be entertained watching the sunset as you dine.  The path behind the restaurant takes you to a little cove that your little ones enjoy watching the waves crash into the sand.  

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The next morning we had a wonderful Continental Breakfast.  The Hofsas House Hotel provides you with a tray and you it up with goodies.  It was nice for my husband to go down and pick up a tray for the whole family to enjoy in the room.  When searching for an hotel I am always looking for a place that has Continental Breakfast.  It really cuts the cost down for us. 

After breakfast I went to the lobby to discuss my plans for the day.  I am so happy I did!  The staff is filled with so much information.  Letting you what else you can see along the way.  From the prior day she discovered that we liked to hike a lot and so she talked to me about Point Lobos and the 17 mile drive and even handed me  binoculars to borrow for our day!  

We did the Monterey Bay Aquarium which is 5 miles from the Hofsas House Hotel.  AMAZING place!  We spent 4 hours there and we could of easily spent more time!  If your toddler can handle no stroller I really recommend leaving it in the car.  

To learn more about aquarium - CLICK HERE

We then went to the Pacific Grove Monarch Sanctuary after the aquarium which was just 2 miles from there or 6 miles from the Hofsas House.  This is a quick stop with a easy parking and a short easy path that is perfect for little ones.  They will be amazed by all of the monarch butterflies that they see!

To learn more about Monarch Sactuary - CLICK HERE

We were so tired from the day that the rest of the evening we kept it low key and relaxed in the room.  The next day we stop at 5th Avenue Deli to pick up lunch to take with us to Point Lobos.  5th Avenue Deli is just 2 blocks from the Hofsas House Hotel and the selection of food will not only make your mouth water, but will make it hard to choose to narrow it down.

To learn more about 5th Avenue Deli - CLICK HERE

Now let me tell you have Point Lobos!  The Hofsas House Hotel had recommend that we go there for a taste of what Big Sur was about and boy they were not wrong!  Such beauty!  Point Lobos is less than 5 miles away from Hofsas House Hotel and with an entrance fee of $10 that you can use at any of the State Parks that day.  WOW what views!  The hiking trails are short and easy for kids.  Some of the ones next to the cliffs can make you nervous but just holding your little's hand you feel secure.  

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It was hard saying goodbye to Carmel as there was so much we didn't do!  This is my wish list for next time:

  • 17 mile drive
  • Wine Walk
  • Window Shopping
  • Drinking wine on the beach
  • Fire and smores on the beach
  • Bike Ride
  • Visiting Pebble Beach
  • Visiting Garland Regional
  • Visiting Pacific Grove Natural History Museum

So many things to do!