It's Pledge® and Windex® to the Rescue for this SuperMOM #InstaClean #ad

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Everyday it seems like I am just catching up with work, blogging, my kids school functions, and cleaning.  I don't have enough hours of the day.  How do you clean your house with such limited time?  I have come up with the ten minute shuffle and thanks to Pledge® and Windex® my life has been made easier.  I don't stress myself out about getting the whole house clean, but rather focus on the front rooms for appearance.  I set a timer up for myself, I turn on some music and get the kids to help.  Are you ready for the #InstaClean?

I went shopping at Ralph's which has a great selection of Pledge® and Windex® Cleaning products to select from.

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This is an average day for me.  The living room is turned into a tornado with the kids taking every toy out, and it is ALL OVER THE PLACE!  I do wish they would take one item, play with it and then put it away, but that is not reality.  They are kids and as long you don't want them playing with electronics or watching TV all day, your living will be like this.  This is what usually happens to me, it is 4 o'clock and my husband will be home soon.  I haven't even thought about dinner, let alone picking up the house.  

Dinner is made, the kids are making their usual mess as you are cooking, and you have about fifteen minutes before your husband gets home.  

I like putting on my supermom persona where I get this surge of energy and get the kids involved getting the house ready for daddy to come home.  I even have a little jingle that I drive my kids crazy with as I am getting things done.

The song goes like this >>> It's 5 o'clock and the house is a mess, Dad is almost home and we are going crazy!

I set a ten minute timer, tell the kids to pick up everything that is on the living room floor, and it starts!  Supermom takes over cleaning the front of the house as best as I can thanks to Pledge® and Windex®.  Each room has a set time limit (see above) that once you have the routine down you will get finished in a flash!

The Windex® Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-Surface makes it easy to just spray onto a clean cloth and take along with you as you wipe down counters, tables, and sinks.  

The Pledge® Multi-Surface Cleaner I use for my door.  

TIP: Spray your door, wipe clean with a cloth, and the moment your guest or husband comes home they get that clean fresh scent that gets them thinking the whole house is clean and picked up.

The rewards of doing the ten minute cleaning is the time you spend helping your kids with homework or just play.  For me it is just not worth it to deep clean house daily.  

At the end of the time I reward my kids for picking up by doing a puzzle together or coloring.