Encouraging your Kids with the Perfect Card #KidsCards #CollectiveBias #Shop

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Are you like me that sits in the cards aisle at Walmart looking for that perfect card for your loved one?   I can spend ours looking at cards until I find the one that fits the receiver perfectly.  This time I was looking for the perfect kids cards for my son who was turning seven!

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Finally I saw this kids card that was perfect for my son who I am trying to encourage to go outside his comfort zone and try new challenges.  Love how it reads Your cleverness and courage stand out way above the crowd.  So get out there and do the things that vikings love to do - a mile high ADVENTURE is headed straight for you.

If you see him hiking or with a bug you will how much nature it is a part of him.  When he was little he would stop by every bug on the ground and watch it.  He would ask me if it was okay to pick out and even though I don't like bugs I encouraged him to discover them.  He loves hiking and loves to explore, but sometimes he doesn't try things like climbing rocks or trees.  I have so many fond memories when I was a kid that I want him to experience also.

This weekend we went camping, post coming soon!  We were climbing some rocks and at first he was very timid in trying to get to the top.  He seemed to want to give up.  We knew that he could do it and we kept trying to persuade into going further.  Finally we just knew that he needed time to process.  That night we talked about what the obstacle was for him and how we can fix it.  We talked about how he has struggled in the past and what did to overcome it.  This really helped him feel pumped about the next day.  The next day we went again and he did it!  Not only that he tried new moves.  He tried the to chimney down the rocks and I was so proud of him.

So when I purchased the card I knew this would be perfect for him and I love that he can hang this poster up on his door and remember that he has the courage to do anything he wants.

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