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Knotts Breast Cancer

Last weekend I was invited to the second launch of Knott's For the Cure.  This was an emotional day as my best friend of 20 years had just passed away the Sunday prior because of Breast Cancer.  She was only 36 and last year after the first Knott's event she had notified me that she had diagnosed with Stage 2.  I would of loved to have had her at this event with me hearing all the stories of encouragement and living life with breast cancer.

As you walk into Knott's you are greeted with everything pink!  Stories of survivors and fighters of Breast Cancer.  When you purchase your discounted pink ticket at Knotts a portion will go to the Susan G Komen of Orange County.  Last year Knott's raised almost $100k!  Let's get them there and pass that mark this year!

You can also shop for exclusive Pink Knotts merchandise which a portion of these proceeds will also go to the Susan G Komen Orange County.

My friend Leti lost her life on January 4th.   She had found the lumps on her breast, but was scared to see the doctor.  When she did she found out it was Breast Cancer Stage 2 last March.  She did chemo and did a double mastectomy in July 2014.  

In late November 2014 she was told that the cancer had spread.

These are the statistics about Latina Women (provided by Susan G Komen):

  • Breast Cancer is most common cancer among Hispanic/Latina women
  • Breast Cancer remains the leading cause of cancer death in Hispanic/Latina women
  • Hispanic/Latina women tend to be diagnosed with later stage breast cancers than white women.  This means that they are less likely to get prompt follow-up after an ab-normal mammogram 

We need to get checked and most importantly we need the follow up!  My friends Leti was too young to loose her life.  She leaves behind 4 children and she was my biggest supporter.

If you would like to help by donating to Leticia's family >>> CLICK HERE

I would like to thank some of my blogging friends for their hugs throughout the event.  It really means a lot to me!




Photo Credit:  Knott's Berry Farm

Photo Credit:  Knott's Berry Farm

I described the Linus Launcher to my son as the superman ride.  How cool is this?  Kids lay down and hold on as they glide 10 feet through the air.  I wish I could go on!

Charlie Brown's Kite Flyer is going to be my favorite.  I love swings and flying 18 feet above ground it will give bigger kids a thrill.  As a parent I loved that you can sit with your child.  I love that sense of security.  

Photo Credit:  Knott's Berry Farm

Photo Credit:  Knott's Berry Farm

I just know that my toddler is going to love Pig Pen's Mud Buggies.  Remember when I dressed him up as Pig Pen last year for Halloween?  The kids control the ride so they go to up and down as they wished. 

I was really excited when I saw the bench area at Knott's.  So peaceful and shady.  This is a great spot for parents/grandparents to rest while you watch the older kids bounce from ride to ride.  Or in my case the kids go from the same ride and back in line again!

So many new things and everything looks so fresh.  So glad they still have the ferris wheel and the Huff and Puff.  The Huff and Puff in case you didn't know if your little one can't do it by him/herself you can tag along and give them a push.  

I am also thankful they didn't get rid of the nursing station.  If you don't know where it is next to south of these benches, or you can just look at the map.  Anywhere you see a teddy bear is a nursing station.

Up next is Calico Mine!

Photo Credit:  Knott's Berry Farm

Photo Credit:  Knott's Berry Farm

It started with a bang!  The crowd cheered as the grand re-opening of the Calico Mine Ride.  Everybody was excited to see the new changes on the ride.  The ride is a classic for our family.  I remember as a child I would bury my face in the father's shoulder cause I was scared of the dark and my imagination would just go wild and then growing up and seeing it differently.  

I liked how they didn't try to reinvent the ride, just gave it a new makeover with new Animatronics and better design.  

Next up Boom Town at Calico Square!

Knott's has a new show called Boom Town.  These performers are really talented.  It is a mix of the Wild West Show and a Cirque Du Soleil.  The show is about fifteen minutes long and in Calico Square.  Can't miss it!  Plenty of space for everyone to see and great for the whole family.  Only thing missing is shade so wear a  hat.

Next Up NEW Snoopy on Ice! 

I am a HUGE fan of Snoopy and a Music Lover so what a great treat for me to see the New Snoopy on Ice show that features snoopy with great music.  Different scenes from Marching Band, Hell's Kitchen, Magic Show, and the finale which I won't spoil for you.  Get there early for good seats.  The show is about half hour long so make sure your kids go to the bathroom before heading in line.

So now it is your turn...What are you excited to see at Knott's Berry Farm?