Fish On with Ojai Angler

Disclaimer:  I was given a discount to Ojai Angler all opinions and experiences are my own!

Get a fishing guide for Ojai, Lake Casitas.

Have you ever tried teaching your kids fishing only to be distracted by a tangled line or your child argues with everything you say and tells you that they already know?  This is our story almost every day with my oldest.  My husband had been complaining that when they go fishing they just don't seem to jive together and end up arguing about the way to do things.  Something breaks or my toddler gets into something and he has to start over hoping that this time he will listen to him.  When I was looking for things to do in Ojai for our vacation I came across Ojai Angler, a fishing guide.  I thought this was perfect for us since my boys enjoy fishing, we all love getting outdoors, and at least I would enjoy the boat ride.

Visit Lake Casitas in Ojai, CA

Lake Casitas in Ojai is at 50% with the drought we are having in California and it was still beautiful and huge!  I can only imagine when it is full how it would look like.  Hopefully some day soon we will get to see this.  We were greeted by our guide at the boat launching area.  He had the kids put on life vests that they supply and he told me that he brought bubbles in case the kids got bored on the four hour trip.

Teach them young to enjoy fishing at Lake Casitas with Ojai Angler.

It was nice that we didn't have to pack anything.  Ojai Angler supplied us with everything we needed including live bait.  My toddler had fun trying to catch the little fish.  He loved reeling in the pole and we didn't even need the bubbles.

Growing confidence with fishing with Ojai Angler in Lake Casitas

Now for the beauty of it all, since we had a guide he helped my son cast.  If anything broke or got caught the guide already had another pole ready for us.  My husband really enjoyed this as he is the one fixing, organizing, and helping everyone.  He was able to enjoy fishing himself and with the release of stress he was able to bond with my son and help him catch a fish.

Even moms get to have time to themselves to fish at Lake Casitas with Ojai Angler

What did I do while the boys had fun?  Well of course join in!  I didn't plan on fishing as I didn't care for it.  I did buy a license in case I needed to help my sons catch.  When I saw that everyone was entertained the guide already had a pole for me.  He taught me how to cast and as you can see from the video and picture, I caught one! 

Let's go fishing at Lake Casitas with Ojai Angler

 I will definitely be doing this again on our next trip.  I am even thinking about getting a year license!  Have you ever gone fishing with your family?  How was your experience?