Lishy Lou and Lucky Too! T.V Series Review +Giveaway!

Lishy Lou and Lucky Too on PBS Friday Fun Zone and on Vimeo

Lishy Lou and Lucky Too on PBS Friday Fun Zone and on Vimeo

With 24- episodes in all, the complete Lishy Lou and Lucky Too series is a set of shorts that feature Lishy Lou and Lucky throwing dance parties, (cause it's what they do best) and the different situations they get into along the way. Each Episode begins with a different story that leads into the pair performing one of their hugely popular songs, it's a fab & fun show for your children to get familiar with their music as well as learning valuable lessons with a touch of   bilingual phrases here and there along the way. Super padre! Very Cool!

The show's tree house set is extremely vibrant and colorful, add to that the very lovable Thingamajig,it's got all the makings for silly-fun Lishy and Lucky! There's just nothing like them on t.v for kids, so glad they are doing what they do!  Same goes for their music, they just rock!

Having the luck of seeing the band live twice along with my daughter, let me tell you these two are true performers, leaving it all out on the stage every time and it really comes through in this series as well. They are contagiously silly, make your kids go dance party crazy to their catchy sing-a-long music  musicians. whew!  And that's just during sound check ;) 

So now that you know a little about this amazing Grammy winning couple (oh did I forget to mention that, oops) and their band, they have given us the go to do a GIVEAWAY!

1- lucky winner will win the Complete Lishy Lou and Lucky Too Series on Vimeo.

Good Luck everyone!

Lishy Lou and Lucky Too can be seen on PBS Kids Friday Fun Zone In some areas of the country, Check your local listings. Also on their Web site,Facebook page and on Vimeo.

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