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I was shopping for Diapers at Walmart the other day and thinking about what I was going to write about for this campaign for #BabyDiapersSavings for #CollectiveBias.  Originally I was going to write about doing a gift for a new mom.  I was there late at night and I saw this mom with her two little ones.  I felt so bad for the kids and told my husband.  He told me don't judge cause you don't know if she is working two or three jobs and she just got off work and this is her only time to go shopping.  That is when I knew what to write about, going through some personal choices for my family myself and how I felt.  The moments I wanted to defend myself from those looks or remarks.

There have been plenty of looks and discussion of why I was still nursing my two year old.  Here is the thing it is my decision when to stop and I don't need you telling me

WOW you are still nursing him?!

It is my choice to nurse my son until either I am ready or he is ready to stop.  This is really touchy for me since I just stopped last week.  I felt it was time for him to find other ways to comfort himself without nursing.  There are moments that I am sad because I miss the closeness we had, the cuddle times and him sitting still in my arms.

So to those people that don't understand and want to give their advice or looks, JUST STOP, we are not hurting our kids and this is one way we bond with our child.  Believe me it is harder on the moms than it is on the kids, so we don't need you questioning our PARENT'S CHOICE.

Here we go, the

Oh he sleeps with you still?

My oldest son slept in our bed until he was three, then we moved him to his own bed in our room until he was five.  He is now in his bedroom, but can still come into our room if he wants.  

I couldn’t do that.
He will be fine in his own room, our child is in their own room.

When he was little we had him in his bedroom, I would nurse him and then put him in his crib to go to sleep only to wake up a couple of hours later to nurse again.  As he got older he would wake up constantly and I knew that he wasn't crying cause he was hungry, he wanted the comfort. With both of us working and tired, trying the crying out way led us crying ourselves and stressed.  We knew it wasn't working and we had to change something.  My sister was in town and to make room we had him come into our bed.  

THE BEST SLEEP WE EVER HAD!  We felt rejuvenated and asked ourselves why didn't we do this before.  I think mostly because we let society tells us not to.  Now with our second child we have him sleeping in our bed and we are all happy.  No cranky and stressed out mom and dad with a lot more energy.  

So to those who give me the look when they see my sons bedroom without a bed, just stop.  I am happier and we all have a better sleep because this is the PARENT'S CHOICE we have made.

You know the parents that look at you at the park when you take out the fast food happy meal in shock that you let your kids eat that.  Yes I let my kids eat fast food at times.  Yes I wish Subway had a drive thru, but they don't.  Here is the thing, we are outside, just got done doing an activity, or we are rewarding our child with a special treat.   Don't give us that look of disgust.  

We make the PARENT'S CHOICE to decide what to feed our kids and when to let them eat a fast food happy meal.

I think your son is ready to be potty trained.
Oh he is still in diapers?

Yes my two year old is still in diapers, yes he is probably ready, and no I haven't potty trained.  When will I?  When we are both ready, cause I don't want to repeat the process.  Once I start I will not be going back to diapers, except at night of course.  Ever since my son turned two I get these questions from strangers to family members.  Let it go people, I am the one changing the diaper and I am the one that will have to be on him all the time in the beginning to go to the bathroom.  Now my toddler shows signs that he is ready.  He can pull up and down his pants, he goes in the potty before bath, and he tells me that he is going poop.  Do I ask him if he wants to go the potty, yes.  But I haven't fully potty trained him.

Oh but boys are so easy, it will just take you a couple of days.

And then the bending down and talking to my son doesn't help, I just get more annoyed with the

No more diapers for you, right?

Why are you talking to him when it is the PARENT'S CHOICE.  When I know I can dedicate three to four days straight then I will do it.  And you know what I will be less anxious and stressed about training him and he will be completely off diapers.

That is why Parent's Choice diapers are ideal for me.  

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So to those of you who look at my family and think 

I wouldn’t do that

stop, you don't know our family situation.  You don't know what is best for my child.  The PARENT'S CHOICE is the right choice for their family.  Less stress and anxiety equals a happy family.