A Hair Care Line for Children I can Cozy up to! @SoCozy_ #BeYouItsCool

SoCozy Hair Care Products for Children

Pure, Clean & Junk Free!

I was provided with several products from the SoCozy hair care line for the purpose of this review . All opinions are my own.

Since becoming a mom and especially one of a special needs child, I have striven to cut all the garbage I possibly could from what we eat, the solutions I use to clean and wash with to the products we put on our skin and hair. The less chemicals and artificial everything the better I feel, so when I heard about the SoCozy line of hair care for children, I was interested in finding out more.

Cutting out the Nasties made easy with SoCozy Hair Care Product Review

My girls hair care regiment has been as follows: Shampoo 1-2 times a week and condition a few times a week. We don't clean her hair everyday as it is kept mostly in a single braid. This is done for two reasons: 1- to not strip her hair of it natural oils and 2- because for some children on the spectrum (autism) getting their hair washed and styled can be a hard thing for them to endure. 

 SoCozy hair care products work well for my girl since they contain no sulfates (foaming agents) so the hair rinses faster than regular shampoos and the conditioner along with the leave in Detangler make brushing out my girls extremely long locks a breeze. We really like all the fragrances and I appreciate that they are not over powering and too candy-sweet smelling. Even the Lice prevention products smell nice (which was a shocker for me) it uses tea tree oil which is a natural inhibitor for lice I learned.

SoCozy works for my daughters  hair, she can even brush it out on her own when using the shampoo and conditioner + Leave In Detangler

SoCozy works for my daughters  hair, she can even brush it out on her own when using the shampoo and conditioner + Leave In Detangler

So you might think that with all my girls hair she would need to use a ton more product (I sure did), not the case I found. I used a normal amount of both shampoo and conditioner to do her hair and just 4-5 sprays of the leave in detangler while her hair was still wet. Oh and since there are no "Nasties" the shampoos and conditioners are tear free too. In between washings I just spray her hair with the CINCH Leave In Detangler , brush it through and she is good to go.

The verdict! I love that there are no chemicals, the products smell great and most importantly they work! Seeing my daughter not struggling with brushing her own hair....Huge BONUS!  She is excited and doesn't dread her hair being washed and loves the smells of all the products. I asked her what she liked the most about the SoCozy line and she replied " It makes my hair shimmer".

The SoCozy Line consists of :

  • CINCH For cleaning and conditioning
  • BEHAVE for control and styling
  • BOO! lice prevention

You can purchase the SoCozy line at Target.

We attended the SoCozy Event in Thousand Oaks held at Make Meaning

The #SoCozyKid event at Make Meaning in Thousand Oaks was promoting the newly launched SoCozy hair line for kids and looking for talent to become the next face of SoCozyKid for the brands Back to School campaign. There were stylists on hand to fix up the kids hair with the various products and they were given choices of styles to pick from. After having their hair done they were off to the photo area for their close up!


Per the SoCozy web site: Products contain absolutely no parabens, as well as, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, or propylene glycol. They’re even free of gluten, wheat, and nuts, making them completely safe for kids with allergies and sensitivities. All of the products have a natural shelf life of 18 months in which they stay fresh and safe to use.


        Such a fun day for the girls getting their hair styled and pictures taken. So cool that             On The Go OC  and her daughter could join us, the girls get along so well! Our little pampered princesses in training.

To learn more about Cozy, founder of SoCozy hair line , her Salons in NYC and the entire line of SoCozy products click on the link below

Having never been to a Make Meaning shop, I loved that they had several activities for the kids from painting ceramics to making candles and many more fun things to do. If you are interested in having a party there, it looks like a great option for a lot of fun! 

A huge thanks to SoCozy for the fun event and for all the amazing hair care products, I highly recommend them any parents who is looking to cut out unnecessary chemicals.