Peter Pan The Musical at Lewis Playhouse

Are you a member of the Peter Pan Club? We caught a glimpse of the final dress rehearsal of Peter Pan at The Lewis Family Playhouse and it had us laughing and singing along felling the same as Peter and the lost boys.....  "I won't grow up, I don't want to go to school" So let out a crow and let's go to Neverland!

From the window of Wendy's bedroom, she and her brothers led by Peter Pan (and Tinker bell) take you on a fanciful journey to Neverland encountering Indians, Pirates, and the Lost Boys. Oh and not to mention one determined crocodile on a mission. This rendition of the classic is performed by a very talented cast and includes impressive singing and choreography along the way. Maggie Anderson the actress that portraits Peter Pan was just amazing! 

We love this venue, The Lewis Family Playhouse offers perfect viewing from any section of the theater and is easily access from the Victorian Gardens parking or the structure directly outside the playhouse. It is easy to get to located between the 210 and 10 freeways . The play has a cast of 43 ranging in age from 8 to 60 years old. Show runs for approximately 2 hours and 5 minute with two acts and a 15 minute intermission. Couple of interesting facts about this performance: The performers rehearsed for 5 weeks in which a professional fight choreographer was used to teach the actors how to "play" with the swords used...why? Because they are real, not props. Steps are run before each performance as well to keep the moves fresh in their minds and keep everyone safe.

Peter pan at the Lewis Family Playhouse

We really enjoyed the play, from the sets and lighting to the playful performance by all the actors, it is a top notch performance that is perfect for the entire family. So grab the family and a little pixie dust for a magical adventure that only Peter pan and his crew could dream of.  

The show is recommended for children 6 and up but totally depends on if your child will sit through the 2 hour show. The content is totally engaging, set changes very swift and Captain Hook despite being a villain is still a funny character. There is a surprise at the end of the play that I won't give away, but it occurs to the audience's stage right (wink wink).

Peter Pan is running now through July 26th, tickets are going fast so check for availability and get your tickets now!