Preview Big Sur at Point Lobos Carmel #HofsasHouse #CarmelByTheSea #SoCal2Carmel

We were invited to stay at the Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel which is 5 miles from Point Lobos.  The hostess at the hotel was right.  She said, "If you want a taste of Big Sur you have to go to Point Lobos".  AMAZING place!!!! 

If you would like to learn more about the Hofsas House Hotel >>> CLICK HERE

You pay $10 for entrance that you can use at other State Parks along the way.  There is plenty of parking near the shore and the views are unbelievable!  You will see people taking in the inspiration and painting.  My kids wished that they could see how the painting would finish.  I can't wait to try a mini project like this with my kids.

Most of the hiking trails were easy and wide.  Some parts we had to pick up my toddler or hold is hand cause it was really close to the cliffs.  You stop every couple of feet to admire the views! 

You will see seals resting on rocks.  There is a bench were you can sit and enjoy watching them climb up to the rock or swim around.  We could also hear sea lions, but they were really hard to see as they are far.  If you have binoculars bring them or borrow from the Hofsas House Hotel.  

Not much more to say the pictures say it all!