Disclaimer:  This is compensated campaign in collaboration with Read Conmigo and Latina Bloggers Connect.

Are your kids bilingual?  I am bilingual and I am trying my best to get my kids to learn Spanish.  Living in Southern California the use of both languages is very useful.  My oldest sometimes gives me a hard time when I am speaking Spanish to him and when I heard about the Read Conmigo program I was really interested in learning more.  We have one bilingual book that the kids love to read.  This is the best way to keep my kids interested in learning and practicing Spanish.

Have you been to one of the Read Conmigo Events in Los Angeles?  

Read Conmigo, sponsored by Infinity Auto Insurance, is a bilingual literacy campaign is kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month by introducing the “Preserving our Culture through Bilingual Literacy” contest for budding Latino children’s book authors based in the Southern California area.

Participants in the “Preserving our Culture through Bilingual Literacy” contest will compete for an opportunity to have their children’s story published. The story must feature one of several Read Conmigo characters and the winning author(s) will receive $1000 in prize money. Winner(s) will be notified by November 14th.

All manuscripts must be submitted by October 31, 2014 and meet the following criteria:

  • Author Profile – Must be from Southern California 18 years old or over, of Latino origin; no prior published work or writing experience necessary
  •  Target Reader – All submissions should be suitable for reading levels Pre-K through 5th Grade
  •  Language – Story must be submitted in both English and Spanish
  •  Characters- Story must include one or more of the Read Conmigo characters
  • Word count: Minimum is 400 words; maximum length is 1500 words

As a registered member, you can:

  • • Download the Read Conmigo book collection to any tablet or smartphone!
  • • Receive a new book every 4 months for FREE!
  • • Access to our App* “Learn with Me” that reads our alphabet book to your child, in both languages!

In the Kids's Corner of the website the kids can play the Memory Game where they have to search for one English Character and one Spanish Character.  My son loves a challenge and after awhile he started to not need my help with the Spanish words!  There are other FREE printables like Flash Cards and Word Search.  Along with parent printables for milestone charts.