Spook-tactular Halloween Brownies for the Whole Family

Want a fun family activity that you can eat too for Halloween? I saw these treats in a Betty Crocker Fall Baking book for Halloween Goodies, they are easy to make brownies. The possibilities are endless no matter what your baking skill level is.

Start out by make your favorite home made or boxed brownie mix and chill to room temp.     Tip: Make them ahead of time to be ready to decorate so your kids won't have to wait.

Decorations are really up to you but the base ones that you will need are:

  • 1- Container of Ready to Spread Frosting
  • 1- Bag of Large Marshmallows
  • An assortment of food coloring

After your brownies have cooled and have been cut into squares, in microwavable bowls separate the frosting into the amount of colors you are going to be using and warm for approx. 20 seconds till smooth.  Add the desired food coloring and mix.  You may need to rewarm if it cools and becomes firm again.

Brownies with Marshmallow atop/Drizzling Frosting over Marshmallow

Brownies with Marshmallow atop/Drizzling Frosting over Marshmallow

Add one large Marshmallow on top of the brownie, drizzle the frosting over the marshmallow and decorate as desired using the candies as eyes,hair, tentacles, hats, ears whatever the monster or character needs. Just have fun with it, we sure did!


What's your favorite Halloween monster?