Rise! of The Jack O' Lanterns in #Arcadia @SantaAnitaPark

Rise! of The Jack O' Lanterns in Arcadia 

Looking for a family friendly Halloween themed event to attend with the family this holiday season? Rise! of the Jack O' Lanterns  is the perfect one with 2 locations here in LA county. 
Rise! originated in New York and now has 4 locations, three of which are here in California. From what I've  seen its becoming a yearly family tradition for many.

Rise! Of the Jack O Lanterns

What is Rise? It is a self guided tour of 5,000 carved pumpkins arranged in the most clever designs that are all to easy to recognize as well as some amazing stand alone ones that are incredibly detailed. 
Where is Rise located? We have 2 right here in the LA area, one in Arcadia in the parking area of the Santa Anita Race track and the other is at the Descanso Gardens in La Canada Flintridge. Both of these locations have similar displays as well as features that are unique to their locations. There is also an event held in San Diego. 

Rise of the Jack O Lanterns

How can you attend? 
Tickets are sold on a first come first basis, by time slots. Get them online at https://www.therise.org/ There are several activities to do and things to see before and after your tour of the huge pumpkin displays. 

Pumpkin carving Demo and what they look like completed without the lighting.

Pumpkin carving Demo and what they look like completed without the lighting.

Watch how it's all done from start to finish at the live pumpkin carving demonstrating and converse with one of the master carvers. They welcome questions and share tips and techniques while you watch. 
Make sure to take your photo at one of the photo opp's with your family and friends and even there is even a green screen with silly Halloween inspired looks available for purchase. 
There is also Food, drink and fun souvenirs to buy.. 

On site parking is free. 

Rise of the jack O Lanterns

A couple of things to get the most of your visit to Rise. 

  • Line up early to get to the front of the pack for your time slot. It gets crowded upon entering as everyone is in awe and trying to get pictures right at the start. That or hang back to the very end of the line and take your time walking through the exhibit. 

  • Flash photography is not allowed as it decreases the life span of the carved pumpkins. There are several towards the end of the trail that don't need flash and there are several that you can get up close to that don't need it as well. The flash also disturbs the overall enjoyment of the exhibit, so try to be respectful of others. 

  • Your walk will take about 30-40 minute to complete at a slow pace, it's a one way loop so take your time. 

Fun facts about Rise! 

  • It takes 2 weeks to assemble the entire exhibit. 

  • Planning is done a year in advance. 

  • 5,000 pumpkins are used and are re carved each week during the shows 4 week duration. 

  • Pumpkins are lit up by using with either a battery powered source or electric, no candles are used. 

  • All the pumpkins on the floor not in a grouping are all individually lit and are turned on one by one prior to the show. 

What do you see? A Skull OR A woman looking in a mirror...

What do you see? A Skull OR A woman looking in a mirror...

Little ones 2 and under get in free, 2-12 are $22.00 and Adults are $26.00 Check the link here for special discounts: http://www.therise.org/getCodes


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