Train your kids with SockIt

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If your child plays soccer or you are thinking about putting them in the sport I have some tips for you!  With the sockit trainer and these tips your child will enjoy the game of soccer.

First relax and let them have fun!  With two boys that like to change their activity constantly I know it can get frustrating when you are trying to set a time to teach your child to learn.  Start by just letting them kick the ball around with no pressure.  Having a relaxed attitude will help tremendously with future training.

Buy those balls from the grocery store.  You know the ones that are in the huge bin that costs just five bucks.  They are inflated and light weight.  Your child will have fun kicking them around.  They will go high into the sky and your child will develop confidence.

Teach them to use both their feet.  The earlier you work on this the better.  You don't want your child to rely on just one foot.  Plus when your child is put in situations that they have to kick from their weaker foot your child will be stronger which will mean a faster ball.  Seems like most plays get ruined when you have to kick with your weaker foot and the ball just rolls slowly.

A way to do this is with a games.  Kick it to each other and then have them alternate their feet.  Using the balls mentioned above they will develop the confidence in using his weaker foot.  Try to name it something fun like "Lefty Launcher".

Photo Credit:  SOCKIT

Photo Credit:  SOCKIT

With the SOCKIT you can help your child develop skills on how to kick the ball correctly.  Most kids on the playground will kick the ball with their toes.  You want to try to avoid doing this in soccer as it is easy to miss kick the ball.  The inside of the foot is more reliable and that is were SOCKIT comes along.  When your child puts the SOCKIT onto his or her foot it lights up when your child kicks the ball correctly.  Fun huh?  My recommendation is using this product in the evening as it was hard to see the lights in the daytime.  

The package comes with one SOCKIT that is placed on the soccer shoe.  I would recommend purchasing two as you want to maintain teaching them to use both their feet.  Start using the SOCKIT with a glow in the dark ball for some fun in the evenings.  Explain to your child what it does, but don't work on strategy yet.  Let them get excited as they see their SOCKIT light up.  Each round of practice focus on one strategy or technique and leave the rest of the time to playing games.  

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