Sophie's Animal Parade- Book Review & Giveaway... Magic or Imagination?

Sophie's Animal Parade

Everything Sophie Draws Comes to life, and she's on the search for a new friend!

I was provided a copy of the following book for review purposes, all opinions are my own.

My girl is a reader, you can usually find her with a book at her side during some point of the day. Even though she reads almost 2 grade levels higher than her grade level, she still loves picture books. Sophie's Animal Parade has just that, pictures and text in a well balanced ratio. Recommended for children ages 3-5 my girl loved reading it aloud to me (she is 7) 

Sophie's Animal Parade.png

The great thing about this book is that it offers a chance to talk further as to the significance of considering others feelings and needs. Sophie's journey to find friends makes her realize the companionship her new friends need too. In the end she finds her own new friend that has the same amazing talent and shared interest as her.

Though it is recommended for ages 3-5 and my girl is an advanced reader, I was surprised at the amount of text mixed with illustrations the book had which made for a comfortable level for her to read and enjoy. She loved the parade scenes. 

This is a sweetly written and well illustrated book that all children with an imagination will surely enjoy. I love that it is offered in a hardcover. Would make a great gift idea too!

 Sophie's Animal Parade is available now

Written by: Amy Dixon and Illustrated by: Kitia Wish