Medieval Times

We went to Medieval Times this past Sunday.  We had such an awesome time. I love these kind of shows.  I was nervous for Dominic (1 year old), he doesn't do well during dinner times, but I was very surprised at how entertained he was and most importantly how he sat through the whole show!

We are from Glendora and it only took us half an hour to get there.  We just to the carpool lane all the way there.

When you get there they provide you with a Knight to cheer for along with a crown.  Our knight was Black and White Knight!  You then get to take a picture with a knight, king, or princess.

They have a patio and a lobby where you wait for the show to start.  As they start calling the colors the crowd gets excited ready for the show!



The meal consists of garlic bread, tomato bisque soup, roasted chicken, spare rib, herb-roasted potato, pastry and drinks.  Note, there are also Vegetarian meals.  As you know there are no utensils.  You eat with your hands.  I loved watching Vincent eat the spare rib.  My hubby separated  the chicken for him. We told him the soup was ketchup soup so that he would try it.  Also If you or your kids don't finish there meal they have take out boxes!  I made enchiladas with the leftover chicken I had!

As you see your knight and knight teammates you cheer for them loudly to win the competitions.  When your knight wins they receive flowers from the princess.  The knight then goes over to his area and throws the flowers to a fair lady in the crowd.

Then after your meal and as you enjoy your pastry dessert you watch the knights battle it out.  I loved cheering for our knight and had to watch out for my son.  He was going crazy with the flag and I almost got hit!

I loved this show, the food, and most of all watching my kids faces as they enjoyed it!

Disclosure:  I received tickets to see the show, opinions and experience is my own!