Winter Wonderfest at Discovery Cube

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Photo Credit:  Discovery Cube

Photo Credit:  Discovery Cube

Discovery Cube's Winter Wonderfest is about to open on December 17th at both OC and LA locations!  This event will last until January 8th.  The holiday exhibit will have a 75 foot long ramp where kids can slide on inner tubes.  Kids will also get to learn all about the science of sledding.  Take a look at the video below to see all the fun!

Here is a list of all of the activities:

  • Sledding
  • Science Experiments
    • How snow is formed
    • Animal Adaptations to the Cold
    • The Three States of Water
    • Cloud in the Bottle
  • Snow Play Area
    • Make snow castles
    • Snowmen
    • Snow Angels
  • Through January 1st the Science of Gingerbread is open
    • Gingerbread Derby Competition
    • Cookie Decorating
    • Build a House Learning Station
  • Santa Clause Meet and Greets through December 24th


Explore with us as LA gets Cubed! @DiscoveryCubeLA

Disclaimer:  We were guests at the media preview for Discovery Science Center LA all opinions are my own!

If you are a fan of the Discovery Science in Orange County like myself you will love the Discovery Cube in Los Angeles.  Well more like San Fernando Valley.  It is off the 210 FWY at the Hansen Dam.  

The place is huge!  Let's talk a walk through what you will find.  

Discovery Science Center LA - Helicopter Tours

The Helicopter Tours - this is a permanent exhibit which you will step into a small theatre and lift off through the Los Angeles Aqueduct system.  You will learn about how the water gets treated which I found really cool.  I did get a little dizzy from the screen and had to look away at times.  My toddler didn't mind and was entertained.  

TIP:  There could be a wait for this so if you don't see a long line jump in and wait it is worth it.

Inspector Training Course -  this is a permanent exhibit which you will be given a touch screen tablet in which it will direct you through a series of questions to see if the house is efficient.  I loved this!  I had a great time even doing this with my toddler.  He just touched the buttons and I would ask him questions for his level.  Once he was done we just gave the tablet back.  Now my older son was really into it.  He did it all by himself.  

Tip:  You have to be near the object for it to automatically respond to the proper action/question.  Also this will take time to do if you child is into it.  Let them do it!  They might need your guidance, but let them think for themselves.  

Cube Jr. Early Learner's Zone "Imagination Playground" - Kids will love this area where they can create their own designs.  There are tons of equipment available for your family to work together as a team to create the ultimate structure and test it out.  There was also a small table for little hands to play with puzzles also.

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice™ - this is a traveling exhibit where your child will learn all about dinosaurs.  Some of the dinosaurs might be a little scary for some kids, but both my kids were find with them.  There is a dress up corner, a fossil discovery area, drawing dinosaurs, and a play area with toy dinosaurs for your little one to play.  Both my boys loved it!

Making the Grade Gallery - A gallery that brings lessons to life through hands-on exhibits that help students understand the concepts being taught in their classrooms.  LOVED this!  They have a sound machine that was awesome to watch and experiment with.  Employees help kids build different electronics, this one on one was priceless!  The molecule challenge is great for older kids.  I was proud myself that I knew some of the questions!

This all the time we had left this trip!  Can't wait to share more the next time I visit!  

Now for the Autism Pros/Cons: By Catheryn

We visited on a Sunday and it was quite easy to navigate with little crowds. The kids in our group are all on the spectrum (both boy and 2 girls) had a great time with no issues. 

The exhibits are fast to either participate in or to wait for which is a bonus for the spectrum kids. 
I appreciated the timer on a few of the exhibits, it truly helps to know how much time is left before you can enter or it starts.
There are many sensory areas for the kids to enjoy.
Our group love the virtual helicopter ride over California and sat thru the entire ride. It only fits 12 at a time and it is approximately 5 minuets between "rides" 
They also loved the recycling game and the market searching for items and scanning them.

The dress up/Dino dig area was another hit with all of them allowing pretend play, climbing and exploring at their own pace.
This Cube is smaller than the one in the OC but new exhibits are being added, making for a place that is not overwhelming. 

A bonus with the location is the handicap accessible park right outside the museum which we visited on our way out.
We had no issues at the museum with any of the kids, they all loved exploring and trying out all the exhibits. The snack bar was also great serving sandwiches and pizza for the kids.
Overall the kids enjoyed the museum and all it's exhibits.

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