Go under the sea at Monterey Bay Aquarium #HofsasHouse #CarmelByTheSea #SoCal2Carmel

Disclaimer:  I received a pass to visit the Monterey Bay Aquarium all opinions are my own. 

WOW just WOW this aquarium is unbelievable!  We were staying at the Hofsas House Hotel in Carmel and it is just 5 miles from the Monterey Bay Aquarium.  There is a parking area just one block from the aquarium.  I suggest that you purchase your tickets in advance.  If you did you can bypass the line and head inside to will call or to the entrance.  Just tell the attendance you have purchased in advance.

To find out more information about the Hofsas House Hotel >>> CLICK HERE

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The views of the sea creatures is just amazing.  We spent hours there and we could of easily spent more.

Upstairs in the Flippers, Fluke, and Fun area parents can take a break as the kids explore and interact with drawing a seal or learning about whales.

If you get to do a feeding show you have to do the Open Sea Feeding were you watch as they feed tuna, sharks, sardines and others in their spectacular Open Sea exhibit.

You will awe out loud as you watch the sardines swim together to catch their food.  This is a must do!  So make the time and come early or late!

The Jellies Experience is super cool for both kids and adults!  The way the exhibit is it's like you are right there swimming next to them.  The glass is so clear and they are float around moving their tentacles so close of view.  Even toddlers don't have a hard time seeing the exhibit which is a huge plus for that I don't have to carry him!

The Kelp Forest is another great area for kids and toddlers.  They have a touch zone for kids to get up close to crabs, kelp, and sea slugs.  Go to the far end for the toddler area, a perfect height for them.  The kids can also crawl through their own viewing area made just for them.

The rocky shore area is another great area for kids to explore the touch pools.  They have rays that you can touch, my son had a hard time touching them as they didn't get close.  With my husband's he was able to gently touch them.  Explore the real shore as you find crabs and clams.

I wish we had more time to explore!  We will definitely be back!