Rounding out the Summer with @Lucky_Diaz! At the Levitt Pavilion in #Pasadena

Last night we were lucky enough to catch one of the last stops on The Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Bands tour in our area promoting their new CD and T.V show premiering this fall on PBS, Lishy Lou and Lucky too.  The band has been on the road for the last 2 months and performing around town the past week in conjunction with the non profit Levitt Pavilion group that hosts free concerts series over the summer for children, super neat stuff in my book.

Pre-concert activities were available for the kids, our girl made a streamer to use during the concert.  There was face painting, local food and community businesses focusing on children on hand as well.  The park is very tranquil with tons of tall mature trees, some lit up with twinkle lights. You had the option of bench seating or the grassy lawn in front of the pavilion to set your blanket or chairs, but who sits during a Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band concert right?

Making her Streamer for the concert!

Making her Streamer for the concert!

The band took to the stage on time and had that dance party going in no time flat!  So cute they had a "dance area" sectioned off to the side, ha! The kids were right up front, dancing away!  As always the sound was spot on and Lishy engaging with the crowd like no one business. 

Great show! Had all the Kiddos up on their Happy Dancing Feet.  Meet and Greet after the Show, Face says it all!

Great show! Had all the Kiddos up on their Happy Dancing Feet.  Meet and Greet after the Show, Face says it all!

After the show and that crazy workout they got under those blazing stage lights (I get it guys), they still took the time to sign autographs for everyone, this is one hard working DUO right here!

Congrats on the upcoming T.V show, it's finally time WooHoo!  Welcome home and go get um at the Grammy's guys!  Oh they are nominated AGAIN for best Latin Album of the year for their new CD Aqui,Alla..... We wouldn't want their other Grammy to get lonely, right?  Wink wink

Handicap Accessible Playgrounds in So Cal

Handicap Accessible Playgrounds in So Cal

Photo Credit:   Jaren Jai Wicklund  - Shutterstock

Photo Credit:  Jaren Jai Wicklund - Shutterstock

Lately cities all over the country have been meet with the greater demand for more accessibility and inclusiveness in their parks. Here are a few in the Southern California area that have popped up lately that you may have not known about and are boasted as being pretty impressive ones at that. 

Westchester Recreation Center in Los Angeles

This playground opened in 2012 and was designed with the cities help by the playground company Gametime. Wheelchair ramps allow children ease of access to the equipment and there are adaptive swings as well.    

7000 W. Manchester Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90045

Facility Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm
Saturday - Sunday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Fairmount Carousel Playground in Riverside

This playground opened in 2012 with a merry-go-round theme. Featured are a splash pad, musical equipment, a carousel and interactive sound making panels.

2601 Fairmount Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92501

Reese's Retreat in Pasadena

Photo Credit Reese's Retreat (Thank you)

Photo Credit Reese's Retreat (Thank you)

This Pirate ship themed play park opened in 2011 and can be found in Brookside Park near the Rose Bowl. Features several sensory apparatus and wheelchair friendly flooring surfacing. There is also sand and water for additional sensory play options.

360 N Arroyo Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91103

Tatum's Garden in Salinas

This playground opened in December of 2013. It is 20,000 square feet of wheelchair friendly- rubber cushioned space that also has ramps and adaptive swings.   

1 Maryal Drive, Salinas

Hellen Diller Playground San Francisco 

Opened in 2012, it has a 45' slide , musical instruments and a pair of wheelchair friendly boats. Pretending is made easy at this park, from being a pirate to a musician to what ever fun game is on deck for the day.

The playground is located in Mission Dolores Park.  

Bounded by Church, Dolores, 18th, and 20th Streets  San Francisco

Shane's Inspiration Griffith Park  Los Angeles

Making it's debut in 2000 it is was the first of it's kind on the west coast and the largest in the nation. Being in Griffith Park it has a space theme to it appropriately enough. Use your knowledge of charting the sky and sail the high seas on yet another adventure, the minds universe is your only limit at the playground. 


Brandon's Village @ Gates  Canyon Park Calabasas

Opened in 2006 this playground has a western theme. Boasting a 70% ratio of access, it makes playing for those with special needs, well child's play. With tons of shaded areas, sand for sensory fixes and water misters to help with cooling off, this playground has all the elements a kid could want.

25801 Thousand Oaks Blvd., Calabasas, CA 91302

Courtney's SandCastle   San Clemente 

  • Simulated 500-square foot castle themed play structure, with sloping wheelchair accessible ramps
  • A simulated 150-square foot ship themed play structure, with a stern wheel and talking tubes
  • Climbing rock
  • Swings equipped with bucket swings
  • Picnic Pavilion
  • Sand and Water Play
  • Musical Sound Panels
  • Balancing activities

Vista Hermosa Sports & Aquatics Center  987 Avenida Vista Hermosa   San Clemente  92673

It's a short list, hope it will grow since there is an unfortunate growing need for them.

Have you been to any of these parks? Did you know their design purpose when visiting?