Get Ready for School With Johnson's #NoMoreTangles PLUS FREE Printable #ad

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We are ready for the new school year, I have no problem mixing up my girls school uniforms to create an individual look, but when it comes to her hair, I am clueless.  I am always amazed at the moms that send their girls to school with the fancy up do's, french braids and bows, really? What do they do wake up at 3:00 in the morning to get it all done or have a live-in hair dresser?

You would think that with the gorgeous head of hair my girl has I would have it made, well I don't have the slightest idea what to do with it and she has zero patients for anything but a ponytail or a braid.  With her ASD (Autism) it is always the same hair "style" all the time, she is never willing to try anything new, even when I try to play with her hair and pretend she is a princess or a fairy.

My cutie and ALL her hair! And ALL the tangles that come along with it.

Our morning routine is to slap it up in a braid after fighting the tangles, that's the sum of it.  With so little time in the mornings AND dealing with tangles, ugh the tangles, we are lucky to make it out the door on time to school.  This year my daughter is going to be a 2nd grader, time to step it up and start changing her style a bit but most importantly to get her to try something new.

Tangles seam to LOVE her head of hair, so I when I received Johnson's No More Tangles line of hair products to ease her pain and make our school morning ritual easier!  It was just the line of products we were in need of!  The first step was Washing her hair with Johnson's No More Tangles Shampoo and Conditioner.  Next we applied the Johnson's Leave- In Conditioner, just a small dab did the trick for all her hair. It has a light fresh fragrance that left her hair feeling super silky and most importantly with......#NoMoretangles! 

She was so excited that she could actually brush her hair!  Such a milestone for my little girl who has struggled in the past.




We used a printable schedule for our morning to help us stay on track and get us to school on time.  This makes getting ready so much easier, she looks to see what she has to complete.

So now for the new hair style for back to school.

The verdict: My daughter LOVES the Fragrance and how clean her hair feels! For me it is a win win, since in the past she has plain just hated her hair being washed because of the pain involved in brushing the tangles out. WooHoo! I'm not the bad guy anymore, thanks to Johnson's No More Tangles line of hair products. As for her new look, I am SO proud of her for trying something new and getting out of her comfort zone. 

Bonus: For those in between fixes, again just reach for the Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray, Just a few pumps a quick brush through and it freshens up the hair good a new. 

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