Santa has gone Hi Tech with Dreamworks Adventure to Santa #A2Santa

Adventure to Santa

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We were invited to the media preview. All opinions are our own.

Adventure to Santa at Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga

Adventure to Santa at Victoria Gardens, Rancho Cucamonga

No more waiting in cramped mall lines for hours with your kids for their yearly picture with Santa Clause, oh no, that's a thing of the past thanks to Dreamworks Dreamplace!  Dreamworks has taken the Santa meet and greet to a completely whole new level and into the 21st century by making it a Hi Tech-fun interactive experience for the entire family. 

Go to the website or download the mobile app to your phone. Select the closest location near you (we are lucky in Cali we get 2 Locations) and make your reservation for your sleigh ride to the north pole to see Santa, oh I forgot to mention, it's free!

Next pick your day and time you would like to visit from the available slots.

Then you will enter your families name and a picture (so Santa and his helpers know you, cool right?) So personal and again no more waiting around in the mall lines.

Victoria Gardens Christmas.jpg

The Dreamworks Adventure to Santa Experience is located in the Victoria Gardens Town Square.  

The outside your family enjoy seeing some of Shrek's friends appear around the house.  Have dinner at the Yard House and sit outside to watch the show.  Great way in keeping the kids entertained.

As you walk inside the kids will be surprised that Santa is not at Victoria Gardens.  They will have to take a trip with Shrek to see Santa!

The families design their own sleigh and then the elves help put the sleigh together.

When your sleigh is ready you take a magical ride to Santa's Workshop.  The ride was really cool.  You feel like you are on the sleigh and the effects were amazing. 

As you wait your turn to see Santa the elves help your kids play games on touch screens.

Then you see Santa!  You get a couple of minutes with Santa and you take your picture.  You can then purchase your picture.  When you purchase there is a code that you can download the digital image, even the image you didn't select.  Here is our picture!

The entire "trip" inside the Adventure to Santa is about 15 minuets and after getting your picture taken with Santa you decide on which photo package you want to purchase, but again the Adventure to Santa is Free, but you do need a reservation. There is also a great souvenir shop with tons of Shrek goodies too!

We had a great time and as you can see Catheryn went along too!

Autism Pros/Cons:

I have to say this was way overdue.  We normally can only do Santa meet and greets during the Silent Santa event due to the waiting and the over all mall volume level/stimulation.  To have a reserved time is just genius and very appropriate for kids on the spectrum.  Inside the activities are very organized and you are moved along efficiently.  The intimate setting you get with Santa is also a bonus without all the noises of the mall crowds. The sleigh ride my high functioning daughter absolutely LOVED!  It wasn't extremely loud and the sleigh itself did not move.  It did have very fast visuals at times and it was in surround sound which did not bother her at all. My daughter who is 7 absolutely loved this experience and is NOT familiar with the Shrek series.

Sharing her with list with Santa Claus

Sharing her with list with Santa Claus

To make your reservation click on the "Learn More" Button below

BTW they also have this in Glendale!

I would like to thank Dreamworks Dreamplace and Victoria Gardens for having us, I'm sure it will become a family tradition for may for years to come.