Read to your kids in Spanish and attend the 4th Annual @LeaLA2015 Bookfair #LeaLA2015

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As a Latina mother of two boys I am trying my best to teach my boys Spanish.  My parents are both from Mexico and when I grew up I went to a dual immersion school.  In school I learned how to read and write in Spanish.  Unfortunately my kids do not go to a dual immersion school so the teachings will only be at home.  The best way that I have been able to teach them is through reading Spanish books to them.  Our local library has a Spanish section of books for kids that I check out for them.  These books are great because they are bilingual books meaning that they are both in English and in Spanish.  My kids will read it in English and then I will read it to them in Spanish.  This way they remember what they had just read and when I read to them and point to the pictures they get what I am reading about.  My boys love this and think it is a game that we play together.

So what is LéaLA?  It is a free book fair in Los Angeles, trying to promote reading books in Spanish.  It is part of the University of Guadalajara offering the Latino community in Los Angeles cultural and academic programs.  The beauty is that when it first started the publishers were mostly from Mexico, Spain, and USA.  Now it has grown with publishers from Colombia, Costa Rica,  El Salvador, Guatemala, Venenzuela, Dominican Republic, Argentina, and Ecuador.  Which as you know Los Angeles is the melting pot of cultures.     

When:  May 15 - 17th 2015

Where:  Los Angeles Convention Center

Price:  FREE


There will be more than 200 publishing houses from all over Latin America and renowned Latin American authors will be doing book presentations and signings, while the book fair will have a kids pavillion with craft activities and story lectures. 

Will I be seeing you there?

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