The Organic Face, More than Just a Cosmetic Line #TheOrganicFace

The Organic Face  

100% Chemical Free Organic Makeup

Look Better. Fell Better. Be Better #WhatsInYourMakeup

         Your skin...The largest organ of your body is subject to hundreds of chemicals everyday. Help keep it chemical free and cut out the unwanted toxins with The Organic Face makeup line. I was beyond excited to try out a few of the products from this incredible brand. Not only are they full of what I don't want and made with the most organic ingredients out there but most important they work and last all day! Ladies, how many of us can say that about our current make up? 

The Organic face.png

I am currently using all the above products. I especially love the coverage of the foundation and that it contains a natural 20 SPF. They go on very easy, have no funny smells and the coverage lasts all day. I am beyond happy with this line and the bonus besides not being made with chemicals is the price. I would have expected to pay double but they are spot on with most chemical laden products if not more affordable. The quantity of product is equal to other major brands so you are getting a great bang for your buck. I invite you to visit their site to see the wide range of products and color options they carry, it's impressive.

Above Pictured Products:

  •  Organic Liquid Foundation       Contains a Natural SPF 20/Comes in 8- Shades
  •  The Blush/ Bronzer Duos          Blend and build up to create the perfect finish

Face, Lips and eyes, they have you covered with so many colors for that perfect look and contain no dyes, irritants, preservatives, fragrances, mineral oil, fillers, gluten or bismuth. Made in the U.S.A and with minerals so they have no expiration date. They also carry brushes to ensure that perfect application . Oh and they have a line specifically for men too.  So what's in your make up? I'll guess you are almost afraid to look, won't be the case with me I'm sold on having an Organic face.