The Unofficial Guide DISNEYLAND 2015 and GIVEAWAY!

I was provided a copy of this guide for review purposes, the views below are my own.

So Cal Pockets Memories Unofficial Disneyland 2015

Me and my daughter are, to say the least, pretty big Disneyland fans, visiting at least once a month going on 3 years now.  So when I was presented with The Unofficial Guide Disneyland 2015 to review, my first thought was well what could I learn?  This must be geared towards the first time tourist. I know pretty much all there is to know, but decided to take it on, because one never knows, right.  What I found was that even us locals that are Annual pass holders CAN learn a thing or two and that the first time visitor is in for a wealth of knowledge that takes hundreds if not thousands of hours to acquire.

The Unofficial Guide Disneyland 2015 covers EVERYTHING!  From what to do before you even step foot on the property to ways of remembering your visit long and every point in between. The kicker of the guide is the touring plans that will save you 4 hours of standing in line waiting for rides! 4 HOURS people.  Allowing you to get more for your buck and more out of your time in the park.

The guide is broken down by "Lands", attraction, restaurants... you name it!  Very detailed yet so easy to reference and follow.  Includes maps to the park as well as tons of unofficial tips along the way to make your trip all that smoother. 

I found the guide a breeze to read, giving great ride explanations as well as overall ratings, height requirements. best times to ride and if they offered the Fast Pass option.  Same went for their section on restaurants, covering pricing, quality, type of food served and their recommendations at each location.  I will definitely be trying out some new food options on my next visit.

Another bonus of The Unofficial Guide Disneyland 2015 is their coverage of outlining hotels, restaurants and Universal Studios in case you are in town for an extended stay which so many traveling to So Cal are and are looking to do more than just visit the Happiest Place on Earth.

The only area that I found not covered in depth was the access for the handicap.  The DAS is explained basically for what it is and how it works but wheelchair bound guests are serviced differently without a DAS.  It is unfortunate that this area is not covered more for many in this group have to make the most of the limited time they can spend in the park due to physical limitations in many cases.

I was too little to remember my first trip to Disneyland, but the park was much less daunting then.  I can only imagine a tourist coming in for the first time with their family what it might feel like with there being 2 parks to hop between.  I wish I could be a personal guide to those tourist I see with their DL Maps in hand sometimes, they look so lost.  This guide is a great way to prepare for the trip, maximize your rides at the park and experience the most the park has to offer within whatever time you have, be it 1 day to 3. 

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