Autism Friendly We Rock the Spectrum kid's Gym Rocks!

     Imagine a place where your kids can go and play in a safe indoor environment. But not only play, learn at the same time! A place where physical activities also teach and benefit with balance, spatial awareness and fine motor skills. We recently went to such a place after hearing about it from another special needs mother. We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym can be found all over So Cal with several locations to choose from. It's not only kid friendly but specializes in being special needs friendly. In fact it is the first of it's kind place designed for special needs children and teens with sensory stimulation in mind.

We visited the location in Pasadena and found it well equipped , engaging and had the nicest staff that works with the kids on crafts, general play and assisting the with the equipment. Where else can your special needs child go and just be themselves while getting the activity their sensory systems so crave? Full inclusion, no discrimination and full acceptance is the norm at this gym for those with the need and their siblings too. Since standard therapies usually exclude family members that don't have a special need, this is a great place where they can play side by side and just be themselves.

We Rock the Spectrum

So here's what available at the We Rock the Spectrum Gyms:

  • Crafts and Fine Motor Activities Table
  • A Zip Line that ends in a Foam Pit
  • Trampoline
  • Crash mats & Pillows
  • Rope Wall
  • Swings of all types
  • Sensory Based Toys/Play Table
  • Private Party Room (see web site for details)
  • Retail area with fun things to Spark Creativity

 Here's How it works:

  • Open Play : Selected hours open to public for a flat rate.
  • All day Pass: Come and go as you please for the entire day.
  • Memberships: Select between 2 levels and come in during Open Play hours.
  • Monthly membership: Full month of access (includes up to 3 children)
  • Drop Off service is also offered (3 hour max.)

  We Rock the Spectrum Kid's Gym also offers private play dates and private parties with tons of support. See site for details.

How it all got started:

Founded out of the overwhelming need by a mother of a child with sensory issues, We Rock The Spectrum started as an idea from a custom OT room at home. A full blown chain of 31 locations in 10 states nationwide in just 5 years after it's inception is what followed. With no slowing down in sight, the autism and special needs community is embracing this idea and these spaces with open arms and tears of joy. Finally a place that gets it and addresses the needs of so many. The amazing progress being made by the children that are exposed to this gym on a consistent basis are not only sensory based but social as well, all by design. 

      I want to thank the amazing founder Dina and the owner of the Pasadena location Ani for having us.  They provide a welcoming and safe place for my child and all our special children to play. I applaud you.