What I turn into #WhenImHungry on hikes #CollectiveBias #Ad

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As you know we go hiking almost every weekend in Southern California.  In my pack I always have sunscreen, water, my phone, and snacks.  The other day while we were hiking the Bonnie Cove Trail in Glendora my husband told me that I needed to take a break cause I was snapping at the kids and him for that matter.  I told him I as fine and continued on with my hike and then it hit me!  I was hungry!  I finally saw what my husband was trying to prevent.  I became what he calls Sasquatch!  

Oh yes I get ugly!  I complain about everything and start rushing everyone.  Another life form takes over my body and I am still in there somewhere trying to get myself back to reality, but the Sasquatch is out and everybody better watch out!  I think that those sightings of Sasquatch were actually people hiking that were just hungry and needed to be taken back to their real selves with SNICKERS®.

I took out my SNICKERS® and as I ate the yummy goodness I can feel my old self coming back to life.  Sasquatch had completely disappeared and we can now enjoy the rest of the hike.

The new SNICKERS® comes broken up for sharing or saving the other half for later.  I love this new concept as I don't tend to finish the SNICKERS® at one time.  When I turn into Sasquatch I don't share, it is all for me.

Next time you are out hiking make sure you pack SNICKERS® for when you get hungry.  If you think you see Sasquatch remember it might just be a hungry hiker.  

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Snickers at 7_11.jpg

Wondering where you can get the new SNICKERS®?  Well I found mine at 7/11 which luckily there are everywhere in Southern California.

Now that you saw what I become when I am hungry, tell me what you turn into!