We loved Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy!

Disney on Ice Worlds of Fantasy

We were provided tickets to attend this show. All opinions are my own

Have you been to a Disney on Ice show before? I honestly didn't get all the hype (well before I became a mom and a Disney fan) but with one show under our belts I found myself really looking forward to this new show Worlds of Fantasy.  

Not knowing if it was going to be a rearrangement of the last show we saw (which really didn't matter, because it's Disney) we were very happy to see a new line up and more featured segments for several of our favorites.

Disney On Ice Worlds of fantasy

Oh Ariel! The props used in the show made you feel like you were under the sea, it was so pretty and magical as expected. And the sea witch Ersula, cruel as usual but in true Disney fashion it all ends happily ever after (sorry spoiler alert) This part of the show was my daughters favorite.

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One word.....TINK! Wow, they practically had the entire cast of characters and did a mini movie, we just LOVE the entire Tinker Bell franchise so you are in for a treat if you do too! 

And as for Cars.... Super cool seeing all the stars from Radiator Springs....On Ice! Which brings me to the shows overall draw to both boys and girls,  equally enjoyable for sure.

Oh and Toy Story has a big part in the show as well, from the little green men to a silly fashion show by Ken with Barbie and all the characters in between.

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So have you seen Worlds of Fantasy? Which Disney characters are  your child's favorite ? FYI Just a couple shows left around the south land.  Next huge Disney on Ice show we are looking forward to now, since we are hooked, Frozen on Ice!