Let's have a party with @ZPizza #ZPizzaJrChef Kit

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If you are looking for an idea for a birthday party or play date the Jr Chef Pizza Kit from Z Pizza is a perfect choice. Z Pizza provides you with aprons, chef hats, and the pizza makings for your event.  What's nice is that you can get the Jr Chef Pizza kit for dining in, take out, or delivery.  So the adults can have a pizza with all their favorite toppings while the kids can create their pizza.  I got to say that when my son was making his pizza he was adding ingredients he never tried before.  I loved this and was proud that he would choose ingredients that we wouldn't normally pick.     






The Jr Chef Pizza kit comes with the following:

  • Ready to bake Pizza Dough
    • Vegan and gluten-free pizzas are also available

  • Organic Tomato Sauce
  • Mozzarella Cheese
    • Vegan Cheese and Feta Cheese are also available 
  • Choice of two toppings 

With the party I just ordered all the topping options they had and made sure I had enough pepperoni.  The set up was easy.  I just put the boxes, aprons, and chef hats on the table told kids to get ready to become master chefs!  I played Italian music in the background to create the ambiance, youtube has videos that you can do a playlist or some that run an hour long.  When the kids started making their pizzas they would talk to each other about what they like on their pizza and what design they would create.  Some took 10 minutes to make while others like my son pictured were more methodical in their pizza creation and took longer to create.  I loved watching him use his fine motor skills picking up the ingredients and placing them on his pizza. 

Since the kids were done with the pizzas at staggered times I had to wait to cook the pizzas.  I wanted to bake them all at the same time.  I just had them play inside with toys and I set up markers for them to decorate their pizza boxes.  The pizzas were done within 15 minutes.   

The kids and parents really enjoyed the pizza.  Everyone was so proud of their creations and would ask each other to try a slice of what they made.  With the left over toppings I made omelets for dinner!  Nothing wasted.  They took their left overs home in their boxes.  The party ended within 2 hours.  Perfect for me!  We had a great time and I enjoyed how stress free it was.

At the end of the party the kids get to take home their Certified Junior Pizza Chef certificate with a coupon for a free slice of pizza.  

The price for a Jr Chef Kit is just $6.95.  A really easy way to do a party for kids.

Z Pizza also does school fundraising!  The options they have are:

  • Host a Spirit Night in which zpizza donates a percentage of sales associated with the group from the WHOLE DAY (Dine in, delivery, or take out)
  • Pizza Box Cards in which zpizza sells you "little pizza box" cards good for a small pizza at a discounted rate and you then sell for a profit
  • Free pizza for a year!
  • And of course the Jr Chef Kit which you can do at your school or schedule a tour.
Pizza Party with ZPizza


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