7 ways to use Palmolive Dish Soap while exploring nature #Palmolive25Ways #cbias

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As you know we do a lot of camping and hiking, I thought it would be a great post to show you how I use Palmolive Dish Soap as we explore nature.  Ready to get outdoors?  First head to Walmart to purchase Palmolive Dish Soap located in the Dish Detergent aisle.

Fill a spray bottle with water and add a dash of Palmolive Dish Soap.  Spray around the picnic area, tent or trailer.  A few minutes later they are gone.  I do this when we get to the campground as we are setting up.  Also works with wasps and hornet nests.

Dish Soap - Poison Oak Ivy.jpg

If you are hiking and run across Poison Oak or Poison Ivy wash the affected area with Palmolive Dish Soap this will keep it from spreading.

So you have been camping for several days and when you get home you have tons of laundry to do and some of them have food stains.  Add little Palmolive Dish Soap to the stain, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then just throw it in the washer.

You go out for a hike and are surprised by a Skunk!  If you or your dog get sprayed take a shower with Palmolive Dish Soap to get rid of the smell.  I hope I never have to try this!  Or if you just have a stinky dog give him a good wash with Palmolive Dish Soap.  An added bonus it kills fleas!

I make these and pack in my backpack when I am going on a day hike.  Way easier to carry than an ice pack.  Pour some Palmolive Dish Soap into a freezer bag and then I put a second layer freezer bag just in case it leaks.  Put it in the freezer and once frozen it ready to go.  

Confession time.  When we go camping sometimes we don't shower for days!  Yes even if there are showers at the campground or a quick drive to get to we just don't.  There is something that I love that when I get home from a camping trip to pampering myself.  I start with a shower adding a dash of Palmolive Dish Soap to the shampoo.  This gets rid of all the grease in my hair.  I have a really oily skin so I also wash my face with it.  And last but not lease when the kids are off to sleep I get my nails back by soaking my nails in Palmolive Dish Soap and warm water.   

Of course wash your dishes with Palmolive Dish Soap while camping!  

TIP:  Add a Disinfecting Wipe to the washing bin too

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